Therapeutic Relationships in the Age of Social Media

Therapeutic Relationships in the Age of Social Media
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Dr. Stacie Dilts-Harryman – “Therapeutic Relationships in the Age of Social Media”

Description: Updating a status, checking out the latest video that’s gone viral, replying to hashtags, re-pinning to a board—are these buzz phrases or a way of life? Today, social media is not only ubiquitous, it is a way of life for a great many people. They are sharing love, joy, happiness and positivity as well as grief, pain, sadness, depression and negativity. However, the effects of social media are more far-reaching than instant-sharing, and the implications of social media have, are and will continue to find their way into the therapy room. But are the fallouts of social media such as infidelity or cyberbullying the only issues that should be recognized? Shouldn’t we also consider another question: whether social media can affect therapeutic relationships?
Dr. Stacie Dilts-Harryman will introduce lecture participants to some basic information on social media that no professional should be without as she lays a foundation to understanding significant aspects of social media. Once the importance and implications of social media are presented, she will then open new doors to understanding why this platform of communication should be taken seriously by therapists on a personal, as well as professional level.

Learning Objectives:
Those who attend this lecture will be able to:
– Describe different social media platforms and their importance.

– Identify the risks and advantages of using social media from a client’s standpoint, a personal level, as well as a professional level.

– Explain why social media platforms should be taken seriously on a therapeutic level.

– Understand the implications of social media on therapeutic relationships.

– Develop a unique approach to client interaction with social media in mind.

Dr. Stacie Dilts-Harryman is the founding member of Defining Moments Counseling and Coaching, located in Casper, Wyoming. She specializes in psycho-spiritual counseling, is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Wyoming, holds certification from the National Board of Certified Counselors and is a board-certified coach with the National Board for Certified Counselors, specializing in core alignment and spiritual transformation.

She was recently recognized as Woman of the Year from the National Association of Professional Women for her dedication, commitment and contributions to the field of counseling. She is an accomplished public speaker, returning yearly as a featured presenter at the Wyoming Women’s Expo. She also presents regularly at the Wyoming Counseling Association Conference.

This has been a presentation of the School of Behavioral Sciences at California Southern University.

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  1. This is such important information to consider in the therapeutic relationship. I appreciate the depth and breadth and examination of the extended impact of Online Reality/Relationships!  THANK YOU Dr. Dilts-Harryman.

  2. Your university must really have an edge in psychology because some of the most inspirational and interesting talks I’ve seen are from this channel. Thank you guys

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