Psychology of Sharing on Social Media

Psychology of Sharing on Social Media
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Department of Psychology – Dr Nigel Holt

Department of Psychology – Dr Nigel Holt
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SPP 47: Social Media and School Psychology

SPP 47: Social Media and School Psychology
Do you get PD through social media (if you watch our podcast you do!)? Share ideas with other psychs on FB/Twitter/Pinterest? Pass resources around online? Advocate for the profession online? Tune in to discuss how to use social media for PD and to grab some good resources!

#psychedpodcast guests will include Sue from Sincerely, School Psychologist (FB Group), Clem Coulston (NASP Manager, Communications and Public Relations), Dr. Steven Shaw (Twitter enthusiast and hilarious psych meme provider), and our own Rebecca from School Psyched, Your School Psychologist (FB Group).

Look for a concurrent Twitter chat using #psychedpodcast (we will walk you through it on air!)

Hoping to grab the attention of other psychs to better connect and collaborate. Let’s be loud!

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Psychology Oral Presentation – Assessment One

Psychology Oral Presentation – Assessment One
PSY1011 Assessment One – Topic 1:
Can someone’s personality traits, such as extraversion and openness, be accurately reflected in their use of social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)?

Article reference:
Eichstaedt, J. C., Kern, M. L., Kosinski, M., Park, G., Schwartz, H. A., Seligman, M. E. P., Stilwell, D. J., Ungar, L. H. (2015). Automatic personality assessment through social media language. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 108(6), 934 – 952. doi: 10.1037/pspp0000020

MozCon 2015 – 25 – The Psychology of Social Media with Courtney Seiter

MozCon 2015 – 25 – The Psychology of Social Media with Courtney Seiter
Courtney dives into the science of why people post, share, and build relationships on social media and how to create an even more irresistible social media experience for your audience.

Courtney Seiter examines social media and workplace culture at Buffer, and her writing has been published at TIME, Fast Company, Lifehacker, Inc., and more. She lives in Nashville, where she is a founder of Girls to the Moon, a leadership camp for girls.

Partner Webinar: The Psychology of LinkedIn

Partner Webinar: The Psychology of LinkedIn
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In this webinar, Asher Abraham, founder of PluggedIn Group, a boutique B2B marketing and sales consulting and training company, covered the principles of LinkedIn psychology. He also discussed a proven step-by-step process every marketing and sales professional can use to get measurable results from LinkedIn.

Psychology Myths.

Psychology Myths.
Because there are a lot of fake facts being shared on the social media under titles “Psychology Facts”, we need to be a little more sensible to know the difference between fake and true researches.

Social Media Psychology! HeathMD

Social Media Psychology! HeathMD
Social Media is some funky stuff. We get all weird, We think we hate, we think we fall in love. But it’s different than in person…
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Social Media interfaces with our psychology in interesting ways! Dr Heath takes us on a journey of discovery; this week’s video is a Review of the book The Psychology of Social Networking, by Aaron Balick.

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Social Media Effects/Bad for Youth/Disadvantages

Social Media Effects/Bad for Youth/Disadvantages
This video discusses the physical and psychological/mental effects of social media addiction.

TGIF Biz Networking Hangout – Psychology of Social Media – 06.29.2012

TGIF Biz Networking Hangout – Psychology of Social Media – 06.29.2012
Today on TGIF: Martin Shervington and the psychology of social media networking!

0:17 Martin Shervington’s intro – he’s a writer, coach and consultant with a passion for psychology! Also about his ebook, “The Art and Science of Google+”.

2:02 Intros: George Cohn, Larry Fournillier, Ronnie Bincer, and Meilani MacDonald

4:07 Back to Martin, what got him interested in Google+, and what makes Google+ stand out vs other social media (sm) sites – Hangouts! Social Media, connections, building relationships and audience.

7:10 The psychology behind social media and our posting to sm. Was Martin’s approach coming from his interest in psychology of social media or just spurred by marketing.

9:14 Advice for people who are shy, and would not normally feel comfortable putting themselves out there and being open in social media.

15:40 Ronnie Bincer asks Martin about the role Hangouts takes in building relationships. Martin talks about face to face interactions, voice tones, and how all those things help us learn and grow.

17:26 Rob Gordon continues the discussion about the differences between just posting and email vs. phone or hangouts and how they affect relationship building.

19:00 Back to Martin Shervington, continuing the discussion of the role hangouts plays in building relationships.

20:00 George Cohn brings the topic to multiple points of view being available in Hangouts.

21:45 The discussion turns to psychological ramifications of the backgrounds people see behind Hangout participants.

23:28 Ronnie Bincer chimes in and talks about the dreaded “black screen” and Martin Shervington talks about how those people are not engaging as fully as they could be. However, if you don’t want to be on camera, it’s better to have a profile pic showing than it is to just have black screen.

27:45 A little bit about biz profiles vs. personal profiles, and how face-to-face networking is the most effective for business.

29:55 About how people respond more to posts with photos, and strategy behind percentage of personal and entertainment posts vs business posts.

37:15 Back to Martin and he shares the story of how he came to add Ronnie to his circles.

38:15 Ronnie Bincer asks the BIG QUESTION – how do we make the transition from giving stuff away for free to successfully making services available for hire? Martin’s answer takes us to the topic of the referral process.

41:10 About how new technology is creating new cultural and social interaction behaviors

42:00 What works and what doesn’t work. Martin relates a story about someone who tried to convert too quickly from building engagement to selling.

43:15 Meilani suggests to Ronnie that he put a short tag at the end of his posts that tells people what his business is.

44:56 Martin continues discussing making useful, engaging posts, and also slipping in a post here and there that reminds people what we do, without being spammy.

46:45 Ronnie talks about how he gets people to check his profile

47:58 Martin talks about the power of profiles and the “About” section. He also talks about the difference between interaction on posts that make the “hot list” vs. our regular posts.

51:44 About Public Hangouts and why we don’t do them anymore, with a few stories about undesirable experiences.

53:40 Rob Gordon gives a plug for the Chautauqua biz networking hangout event on June 30th.

55:44 Meilani takes the discussion back to adding taglines to posts, Ronnie and Martin join in the discussion

59:25 Goodbyes, last words, and participant promos: Blair Warner, George Cohn, Larry Fournillier, Martin Shervington, Ronnie Bincer, and your host Meilani MacDonald.

59:59 Your host +Meilani MacDonald gets a great testimonial from +Blair Warner 🙂 Thank you very much Blair!!

Join us next Friday, July 6, 2012 for special guest Dominique Fruchtman of Dominique is known in her local biz circles as the Networking Queen, and the TGIF topic will be all about networking!

Resources: – Martin Shervington’s biz – Blair Warner’s biz – George Cohn’s biz (and +Marilyn Ritter’s too) – Ronnie Bincer’s biz – Meilani MacDonald’s biz