Destroying Hard Drives And Keeping Social Profiles Safe

Protecting Your Social Accounts From Hackers

data destruction and recycling

There are hundreds of different ways hackers can steal your personal information from Social Media accounts and local network drives. For most people, this happens without them even knowing. By the time someone recognizes that there may be a security breach it is often times too late and the damage is done. The damage can vary from simple hacks for entertainment, or harm producing wiki leaks that make unsuspecting victims vulnerable to exposure. But what happens when your online social identity is compromised directly from the computer drive you work from? Many of us use an office computer at work, when those get upgraded what happens to the old hard drives? Typically, hard drives can be shredded or recycled. In the event that the computers you work on were not properly disposed of there is a chance that someone with extensive knowledge of computers and data recovery could access the hard drive and extract the data that existed on it while it was in your possession. The sensitive data that could be accessed might be things like credit card numbers, email accounts, social profiles, personal information like birth date, social security numbers, home address, bank statements, family pictures, and information about your children including personal records and location information like schools they attend. Keeping your data secure is extremely important to avoid identity theft and theft in general. You can destroy your hard drive yourself, there are various methods that work. You can use powerful magnets, drill holes through them, crush them with sledge hammers, melt them down, or any other destructive method you can think of. Just don’t recycle your computer without paying attention to the proper disposal of your hard drive. The rest of the computer can be melted down and repurposed for it’s plastics and metals. There are computer recycling companies that will come to your home or office and pick these items up for you, while other recycling companies offer drop off locations that allow you to pack up your vehicle with outdated unused electronic components and drop them off, something similar to a goodwill drop off station. Electronic recycling is big business and consumers should be aware about the importance of data removal prior to dropping off equipment with recyclers.

Hacked Social Profiles – What Could go Wrong?

social hackersWe know the problem with compromised bank accounts and social security numbers, but what about hacked social profiles? There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want ¬†criminal going through your personal feed, but there are also some things beyond the obvious that you might not have thought of that should be considered as well. There have been stories of Facebook profiles being hacked, then inappropriate images and content being messaged out to the the friends connected to that profile. This could be very embarrassing if pornographic images were sent out to employers or co-workers, or even family members. There are also stories of profiles being hacked and money requests being made to friends and family. Criminals have reached out to friends and family members through messenger, posing as the account holder, pitching a story, and asking for funds to be transferred into an anonymous account. I am sure there are stories more terrifying and more insane then those I used as an example, but you need to be aware that there are plenty of ways a criminal could manipulate someone on the other end that was believing the messages were coming from you. Keeping your social profiles out of the hands of criminals is Social Knowledge you should be aware of.