5 Psychology Signs – How to know if a Girl Likes You

5 Psychology Signs – How to know if a Girl Likes You
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Transcript: Hey everyone, I am Peter from TopThink, and today we discover the 5 psychology signs to know if someone likes you
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Number 1: Pointed Toes
Feet and toes are strongly associated with someone’s sense of direction. For example, when someone is running, their toes are pointed towards the checkpoint or finish line. When someone is on a swing and wants to gain momentum, they point their toes out in front of them.
When it comes to attraction, the same principle applies: people tend to point their toes at whomever they are attracted to. Why? Because their attention is secretly directed towards that individual in social situations.
Now of course, this concept is not full proof or consistent for every situation. However, it is a well-known phenomenon that is often accurate.
Number 2: The post-joke connection
Jokes are deceptively revealing social moves. Good jokes take people off-guard and, for a few brief moments, expose people to their basic instincts. We can use these short moments to tell a lot about someone and their interests.
Entertain this scenario: A guy named John and a girl named Abigail are in a big group of people who are socializing. Then, someone says something that everyone finds funny. Naturally, the group laughs, and immediately, John looks at Abigail. Someone says a follow-up joke, and again, John’s eyes go to her.
In general, people will look at someone they are attracted to right after a joke. In this situation, we can be pretty confident that John is interested in Abigail.
So the next time you’re in a similar situation and someone cracks a joke, watch to see who everyone looks at, and if yer crush is present, check to see if your reaction follows this instinct.
Number 3: Avoiding the Phone
It is no secret the modern society is obsessed with consumer electronics, especially smartphones.
In fact, the average American spend 4.7 hours every day on their phones checking social media, private messages, email, and lots of other distracting stuff.
When someone is around their friends, this often holds true, but this is not the case when that person is around someone they are attracted to.
A simple way to tell if someone is interested in you is if they spend significantly less time on their phone when they are around you. If they ignore a text or just briefly check to see who it was rather than replying, this is a good sign. If they react enthusiastically as if that text was saving them from something uncomfortable, this is not a good sign.
Number 4: Effort in a conversation
This concept may seem obvious, but it’s important to get it right.
Putting effort into a conversation has many forms, and three of such forms signal that someone has interest in you. Let’s call these forms A, B, and C.
A is direct questions. If someone asks you multiple questions such as “what kind of food do you like?” or “what kind of music do you listen to?”, or if they seem like they are trying too hard to keep a conversation going with these kinds of inquiries, they probably like you.
B is humor. People try to use humor as a way to seem more exciting or stimulating than they normally are. Humor is also viewed as an appealing trait, and thus, it only makes sense that someone would want to seem as funny as possible in front of those they deem to be attractive.
C is an intense focus on the other person’s interests.
Say that a girl named Mary is talking with a guy named Percy. Percy loves to write and play hockey, two things that Mary knows very little about. However, Mary relentlessly keeps the conversation dedicated to those two topics.
In this scenario, Mary’s motive is clear. She likes Percy, and so she tries to give the impression that they have common interests…

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  1. 1st…lol! I always wanted to do that 😅😂😅😂Another great video, Peter. Keep up the good wok!

  2. Great video and Channel Peter 😄 your Golden Gato channel is also brilliant and has given me lots of options to pursue! So a Shout out all the way from south Africa x


  4. Wait… I always do almost all of those things when I’m with friends(I’m not sure about the one with the toes). Does that mean I am in love with all of them…?
    I ask them questions, I talk about their interest, I ignore my phone when I’m talking to someone, I put A LOT of effort when I’m talking to people even strangers. If they have something interestion to say why not put effort even if you don’t like tha person? I even mirror some of my friends. I thought that this was normal for everyday conversations.

  5. ok I looked at a girl, she looked at me then she looked away. No smile, I walk around I see her again I look at her she looks at me I press my lips together she does the same. I do that when I’m nervious plus it shows off my dimple was that sign to walk up and talk to her?

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